• Michael Noctor

would you like it sliced

I left Coleridge Fine Art printing company in 1999. I left on the same day as one of the managers, John Noonan, who sadly died very young. One of the lads, Tony McDowell, did a great poster based on Star Wars. I think I was the Harrison Ford character, in keeping with my dashing good looks. Like I said, it was 1999. I was young, once, and handsome! I mention this because Tony recently mentioned the Bretzel Bakery. Firsts are special and today I paid the Bretzel a visit. As I write I’m just about to finish my first slice of fresh – and I mean FRESH – turnover.

Within 5k

In my opinion, it’s important to have two types of butter; Press Kerrygold and Fridge Kerrygold, the latter essential when it comes to a fresh turnover from the Bretzel. Hold on, please, I’m going to butter another slice. Oh, Sweet Lord. I’ll have to put it away, pretend it’s not there, otherwise I’ll never eat my dinner.

'Would you like it sliced?'

A pal of mine was saying how his diet improves when he’s off the drink. One such improvement is there’s no gobbling down shite, munchies style, while drunk. My last drunken venture to the chipper came to mind when I ordered chips, southern friend breast, onion rings and a garlic sauce.

I saw a tray of these babies on the counter in the bakery and just had to buy one:

As I made my way along the S.C.R., I saw a couple walking towards me. At first, I thought the girl was very small, but it was more a case of the guy being very tall. He was wearing a Stetson, which is something I’ve often thought about buying but haven’t done so. I honestly don’t think I could carry it off in a fashion sense. It’s just not me, so to speak. This guy carried it off. He also had a long flowing grey overcoat. When I got closer, I realized who he was. David McSavage from The Savage Eye.

Sure, it’s all goin’ on in Dublin 8 today. I think I need to lie down for a while.


P.S. My tongue is tingling. That is the nicest carrot cake I have ever tasted.