• Michael Noctor

When did Tallaght ...

I love the beautiful nature of random thought and how - in a heartbeat - it's so easy for your mind to travel through time, and be in two places at the same time, like, strolling along the Old Bawn Road today and mentally there as a teenager with my mates and us looking at Ricky Ellis strutting along listening to his Sony Walkman, ahead of his time, perhaps, and ahead of us, most definitely, and me at 56 sporting JBL wireless earphones and that reminded me of listening to the top ten on the wireless, which was perilously placed on the window sill of our kitchen, close to the usually full sink - but never fell in - and having to slink across the green behind my ma and da to get Sunday evening Mass in Dominic's Church and missing the number one.

Back to the future, and I'm rambling along a pathway I didn't know existed. It runs along the Dodder River and I be like - When did Tallaght grow up to be so beautiful?

Amazon Rain Forest or Down by the Dodder?

And then, out of nowhere, a glimpse of the Church of Scientology in the distance.

A feeling of eeriness, inexplicabe dread, and two almost simultaneous thoughts:

  1. That doesn't belong here.

  2. I wonder is Tom Cruise in there, the little bollix.