• Michael Noctor

walking along the canal is not so grand

My usual walking route involves heading off in the direction of Stephen’s, or as I call it, My Green. It’s nice to walk along the Grand Canal, too, until you venture into Dublin 2 and are greeted by signs of homelessness. There the grassy verges are big enough to pitch tents on and for one poor fella – who mustn’t have a tent – his resting spot was on the wet pavement, in a wet sleeping bag. I thought about taking his photo; thinking that as many people as possible should see it, but I didn’t. I don’t think I’ll make a habit of walking along the canal in the Dublin 2 area.

I was going to put some money into his empty coffee cup. I was going to rush back to the apartment and return with a hot coffee in a cool Sip-Well thermal cup that I was recently gifted, but I didn’t.

The desperate image played on my mind and caused me to feel down, but if I’m totally honest it didn’t take much to awaken my inner negative energy because I’m enduring a spell of self-discipline, a.k.a. alcohol boycott. As I write it is Day – 12, which is no mean feat during a lockdown.

I saw a heartbreaking post on Instagram. It made me realise that lockdowns bring some serious problems to people. I don’t like being vague but in this case the post had to do with an article The Irish Times did with my cousin, so that’s as much as I’ll say. It made me feel selfish about lamenting the fact that I can’t go to Málaga for a little break.

I follow the yogi, Sadhguru. Sometimes he talks absolute bollocks, but other times I like what he says/suggests. One suggestion is that we should take a shower (not too hot) before bedtime. Sadhguru says it helps improve sleep quality. It has more to do with the effects of water against the skin. I’ve been doing it for a while. Last night I went to bed at 11.30pm and woke feeling so well rested … at 1.30am.

I lay there for four hours before getting up to have a very early breakfast, thinking fuck you, Sadhguru.

It’s 11.30pm right now. I’m off for a tepid shower. If at first ‘n’ all that.