• Michael Noctor

Unbelievable Determination and Courage

I must admit I laughed when I came across this tweet while I was connecting my website to Google:

It didn't set Twitter on fire!

I've always tried to be open and honest when I write and I've commit my fear every time I played football to paper countless times. I was told I was a coward early in life and grew up believing it, so to see the words unbelievable determination and courage, well, I don't know what to think, really. Some people said trying to make a new life in Spain at fifty-one was brave. A lot of people have a tendency to beat themselves up; we all do it, even the ones who might deny it, but I try not to. It can be a battle, a constant fight. I'm just being honest, but there are times when I think I'm one hell of a nice guy and one who knows that having a distaste for physical violence - in any shape or form, even on a football pitch - doesn't make me a coward. That kind of thing still puts fear into me. I could write about it 'til the cows came home. I was the spit out of my mother's mouth in that regard. Here's the thing, I wouldn't change me. It's easier for a brave man to play football than it is for a kid who's terrified. I'm thinking of the time I jumped for a ball with two St. Anne's players - Stewart and Fergy Callery - with my eyes closed, and when I opened them I saw the two lads on the ground having collided with each other, I had the ball and I ran on to blast it into the net past the great Joe McNally.

'Jaysus, I haven't had as hard a game since Michael Noctor blasted one past me in '76!'

Where was I, oh yeah, I was talking about my unbelievable determination and courage, and here it comes, the first one of the blog, you know, it might be the first one of the entire day ... LOL. It does take courage to live in a car. To make up your makeshift bed night after night and hope to Christ nobody interferes with the car. I used to wonder what would I do, like, I'd have to fight for my home, my life, I swear to you the wild thoughts that used to spring into my mind! I'm a writer with a very, very, very vivid and sometimes scary imagination.

I am so close to having my new home. I know everyone reading this will be happy to read that line. I am on the brink of such a new lifestyle. Location, location, location. Oh my God ... I won't elaborate now because I'm waiting for paperwork to be done, but it's 90% a done deal. I haven't been this excited for a while.

I am going to write my ass off.

Happy Friday,


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