• Michael Noctor

they can go fupp themselves

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

There's not much I liked better than rambling along Francis Street on the way to stock up on one of my favourite beers. You might have noticed I said 'liked.'

Citra. A delicious, crisp, strong (5.7) beer. Four for a tenner, or at least they used to be! I placed them on the counter of Molloy's off licence and the chap says, 'They're not 4 for a tenner anymore.' 'You're joking.' That's what I said. He scanned one and said, 'These ones are scanning at 2.50 each.' So, I bought them.

Last week I was in Tesco, doing a big shop. Much to my dismay the 4 for 10 deal is no longer available. I looked for another favourite beer:

A real bad boy - 3 for 9, forever, like, except not anymore. Dismayed again I went to pick up a few bottles of McGuigan's Red, which are almost always half price. Not at the moment.

I felt like a junkie who's supplier had lured him in with cheap prices and was now looking for top dollar.

I decided I would boycott these beers and that wine. I thought it would be a good idea to continue the boycott until they reduce their prices, at first. Then I thought, they can go fuppth themselves, for a hundred days!

That'll teach them to fupp with my supply!

It's Day - 3.

Happy Friday.