• Michael Noctor

The Trick To Life Is ...

A friend of mine was commenting on how obedient people become when they are confronted with death. I nodded in agreement. It’s pathetic, in my opinion. My friend continued and pointed out that he can’t wait for death and sees it as a release from the hellish nature of this world. This time, I didn’t nod, but I could relate.

I was thinking a few minutes ago how people change as time passes. There’s no such thing as time, but our simple minds need that principle, lie, whatever – including my own simple mind – to prevent us from going mad, altogether.

Some are really cool and simply accept the true temporary nature of life. Roddy Doyle once used the term ‘finite’ in a Facebook message to me … did I ever tell ya about the time I was chatting on messenger to my hero? Anyway, I prefer the term temporary. I say I prefer it, when I actually love it, so much so that you’d swear I had invented the term, and the concept.

None of this is going to last. There’s a song by a band called The Hoosiers – with two o’s – and one of the lines is, ‘The trick to life is not to get too attached to it.’

A shit song, but an interesting viewpoint.