• Michael Noctor

Snow White & the Seven Demons

Recent advances in the study of alcoholism have thrown light on the involvement of various neurotransmitters in the phenomenon of alcohol addiction. Various neurotransmitters have been implicated in alcohol addiction due to their imbalance in the brain, which could be either due to their excess activity or inhibition.

A rather highfalutin way to discuss one of my favourite subjects. Here’s a more straightforward explanation:

There are little demons in our minds that love a few beers. Simples. And when they are deprived of their fix, they go berserk. Simples. Take mine for example – please, take mine – who were up all night moaning and groaning, screeching and screaming ‘For the love of all that’s good ‘n’ holy, will you please, give us a Goddamn drink.’ Do you think the little gits would let me sleep? I was awake ‘til 5.00am and woke feeling hungover. That’s not good. I watched a movie, just to keep them quiet (it didn’t work) called 1922 on Netflix. It wasn’t great but there was something about it that made me watch to the end.

I have imbibed my way through the lockdown. I have enjoyed every drop. I have awoken sleeping demons. Right now they are shouting, in unison, WE WANT DRINK, WE WANT DRINK. As far as I can make out there are seven of the little bleeders and they are playing a pantomime in my head.

Welcome to Snow White and the Seven Demons.

I’m taking the little liquid munchers for a walk. It will be their noise against the wonderful sound of my new JBL earphones. I think it's gonna be Brothers in Arms. There’s only one winner there.

Day 2. Only 98 days to go.