• Michael Noctor

Rainy Days and Mondays

My da told me he didn’t know his grandparents on his father’s side. It wasn’t a case of not meeting them; nobody knew who they were. My granda had been raised by gypsies in Wexford. I’m not expressing the tiniest morsel of certainty, it’s a family myth on my father’s side. A similar myth on my mother’s side is that our great grandmother ran away and married a gypsy.

I wrote about my pride in my traveller heritage before and I was contacted by a man who had connections with a traveller magazine, but nothing came of it. I’ve been living true to my traveller blood for five years and now I feel as if I’ve started some kind of settling process. It all feels quite surreal.

I know I'm awake, but it feels like a dream

It’s raining Peter Kay rain, the fine type that soaks you right through, but it’s okay because the property management company left not one but two umbrellas in the wardrobe. I can’t remember the last time I had a brolly. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one. My friend, David, was saying that even when it rains, I can ramble down to the Green with a brolly – ponce down more like.

Firsts are special. Katie called yesterday. She and David bought me a lovely NESPRESSO machine. Later, we ambled along the sunny streets to meet with David at the Green. I be like – will someone pinch me. Am I really living in this wonderful place?

I never liked cities as a younger man, even Dublin city, but now I have my home from home, the city of Málaga, and I’m turning into a townie. I’ve been lucky because I came close to moving into a place in Lucan. There’s nothing wrong with Lucan, but there’s no comparison to Dublin 8.

I have something to attend to in Tallaght this afternoon. I can walk three minutes and eighteen seconds to the bus stop or do twenty-five minutes and twenty seconds to Rialto Luas stop. I think I’ll do the latter coz I'm gonna cancel my gym membership and the more walking I do the better. I won’t be bringing a brolly. David and I had an immune to the rain superpower when we were students. I'll just put that to use.