• Michael Noctor

Ploughing on Regardless

I forgot my Nubuck leather gloves

It was a silly thing to do

I realised it as soon as I stepped onto the busy, dark, cold street

I should have gone back for them

It was a clever thing to do

I ploughed on, regardless.

I was going to the far shop

The near one is across the road and closer

That’s why I call it the near one

I was going for nothing

I had everything I needed

I ploughed on regardless.

I didn’t think about her

I thought about what she had said

Words of dread to mess with the head

Then I remembered I didn’t care less

I ploughed on regardless.

I didn’t have the energy to resent

Perhaps the absence is Heaven sent

Go placidly amid the noise and haste

And remember what peace there may be in silence


In ploughing on regardless