• Michael Noctor

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

This is the first time I've blogged from a Dublin bus.

I'm on the 49. I used to get this bus to Rathmines as a 16 year old and every time a girl named Dolores got on my heart would skip a beat. I used to see her at Lakelands disco and even though she made eye contact with me on lots of occasions I never worked up the courage to talk to her. I was as insecure as my face was spotty. I got over both those problems later in life.

Unlike Steve and John, there's not much need to glance constantly at the time. Today's technology never ceases to amaze me. I got a train - tram - earlier, drove Espe for a bit and now it's the bus, hence the name of this blog.

It's a 3-minute walk to my apartment frim the bus stop on Clanbrasil St. My uncles used to tease me and call me a woolly back coz I lived in the wilderness. That's no longer the case. It's early days, I know, but I think I could become quite accustomed to this new location. Location, location, location.

I met my old nextdoor neighbour, Fiona, earlier this evening. I was passing but stopped the car and we hugged - despite the horror time we are living in. We had a good chat but there was a lot of sadness, too.

It's almost my stop. Enjoy life's sweet moments.