• Michael Noctor

Passing Grannies

Approaching fifty-seven and passing grannies like a sprightly young buck, when I could be forgiven for passing blood.

A pal of mine asked if I'd been vaccinated as I'm sixty. I said, 'WTF?" Apparently I'd told her I was sixty, but I think I used the word 'nearly." She's young and from Hong Kong, so it was a case if lost in translation and the time difference between our simultaneous existences.

I thought of her today, or at least her comments, as I sped past a gang of grannies in Tymon Park.

What really upset me was the fact that someone mistaking me for sixty didn't bother me, despite being twenty-nine and a bit - in my mind.

I was out and about today and saw a lot of oldies. Am I too young to die young?

I'll sign off. Otherwise, I'll start rambling (like an old man).