• Michael Noctor

orange is the new chocolate

Today I am taking the art of self-discipline to the highest level by refraining from eating my Chocolate & Orange Muffin in one go. I rambled to The Orange Tree bakery in Rathmines to get two of their delicious scones – they were sold out, sadly – so instead I got two gourmet sausage rolls and tried my best (and in vain) not to say – ‘I’d like a Chocolate & Orange Muffin, please?’

Can you tell how moist I am?

There’s enough sugar in this to send me into a diabetic coma, and then some. I sliced off about 1/6. It was so damp, it stuck to the knife. When I bit into it, I be like – Jesus, it has little chocolate chips inside.

I might have cut off a little more, a large 1/5 or a small ¼.

I’m determined to get five days – four I would consider a noble effort – out of the remains of the Chocolate & Orange Muffin that may in fact be an Orange & Chocolate Muffin.

I had a shave as in I shaved my face. I hadn’t done that since some point during the first lockdown. Is it just my imagination or do I look ten years younger, at least?

Before you think I'm being immodest by showing my beautiful young-looking face, let me share one of my favourite photos, again:

No, it’s not my imagination, and it's a hell of a lot more than ten! Still, this will remain one of my favourite photos coz it reminds me of the precious nature of life and how special little strolls along Rathmines Road to purchase a few buns are. And now, it's time for another stroll.

Happy Saturday from Portobello,