• Michael Noctor

Miss you

I always miss my little friends when I am in my beloved Málaga - my spiritual home, sin duda - so I drink more, eat more, buy shoes more and generally do everything more to make up for the absence of nicotine.

I've moved into the shade. I'll be back to cloudy, rainy Dublin soon but there's only so much heat I can take at a time. The idea behind my two trips to Málaga was to psychologically shorten the Irish winter and to be honest we've been having an Indian summer back home, which has been great.

I dedicated this day to alcohol and have thoroughly enjoyed it and just like the Roman party-goers used to vomit to make room for wine and grapes, I am going to have a siesta and wake with a belly in need of filling with that bitter, tongue-numbing, stomach-warming, idea-changing, mind-altering (Sorry, Ernesto) liquid alchemy.