• Michael Noctor

Manky Animals Top Five

A seldom used doggy-poop bin at Loughrea Lake

Here are top five doggy-poops that their manky owners walked away from:

No. 5

I got a fright when I saw this one because it looks like one of my ex-girlfriend’s turds; slightly smaller, perhaps, but I still called her to see if she was in the area, but she assured me she would never break the rules of her barring order.

No. 4

It takes a special type of manky animal to walk away from this one, on a path where lots of people like to walk, including children. It has clearly been stepped in by some unsuspecting person. Imagine having to clean it off the sole of your shoe because of some lazy, thoughtless, filthy git.

No. 3

You don’t need a degree in Rocket Science to see the trend here. The results of two separate manky animals. Not quite as contagious as Covid-19, but doubly disgusting, nonetheless.

No. 2

Classy. Right beside a park bench where people like to sit, especially old folks. Now they can take in the view AND the smell, and please don’t tell me old people already stink – it’s still not right.

No. 1

A horrible display of filthiness and laziness. I mean, come on, right next to the bin!

A real Sloth Master and deserving of the title:


And now for something completely different:

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