• Michael Noctor

Living With Voids

Next month brings my second anniversary as a non-smoker - I've just remembered that tomorrow I'll be in my beautiful little apartment a year - and at times, many times, during the two years I've missed cigarettes and have resorted to filling the nicotine related void with a variety of substances, one of them being alcohol. Today is Day 24 of the Forty Day Challenge, so it's become a case of living with more than one void.

So, why the big happy head on me? If you don't laugh ... 'n' all that.

I'm on the way to the gym. Then it's off to Bray to go to the top of Bray Head to gaze into the sea. It's beautiful there; a special place for me and one that's synonymous with periods of sobriety.

Are such activities as good or as enjoyable as having a few bevvies, a few sips of that brain-warming, stomach-warming, tongue-numbing, idea-changing, mind-altering (Sorry, Mr. Hemingway) liquid alchemy? Honestly, at this point in the F.D.C. I'm beginning to think yes. This might be an important breakthrough point, or not, but for the last week I have had a major desire to indulge and now I don't.

Cheers, Slainte, Prost.

Blogging on a 27 bus, whatever will they think of next?