• Michael Noctor

Lights Out

It's been a late arrival to the Lights Out Hostel on Calle Torregorda, Málaga 29005. Hetti had been going on about her throat being drier than the Gobi Desert, but luckily there are always cold beers available in the Lights Out Hostel on Calle Torregorda, Málaga 29005.

When I left this city recently I had a stack of mosquito bites, can't remember how many but it was in double figures, and they were nasty lumps. A pal gave me a mosquito repellent bracelet and I'm hoping it works. One of the little bastards just landed on my screen. I hope the itch I'm feeling is psychological and hope too that they haven't started to gorge on my tasty Irish blood already.

I am sleeping in the same bed that I slept in when I picked up the almost killer bug in October 2019.

I am normally very lazy when I'm in Málaga but I told someone very special that I'll take more photos than I did a couple of weeks ago. I might even do the Caminito del Rey again ... or reuse photos from the past. Thanks, Google.

One more beer and then bed. Hetti is lashing them down. She's not tired coz she was snoring her head off on the flight.

Buenos Nachos,

Michael (& Hetti Spaghetti)