• Michael Noctor

Lesbians in The Square

Lesbians in The Square

Today I was in The Square

There were loads of people there

And two young beauties were comin’ my way

I watched an old man stop and stared

Gawking at them like they were martians

His wife said, what are you lookin’ at

And he said, lesbians.

He looked at them as if they were doing something wrong

Inside his old brain was thinking … what the hell is goin’ on

One was running her hand provocatively down the other’s belly

For five hundred milli seconds my legs turned to jelly

But the auld lad stood there all bent over as if he’d been standing there all day

He may as well have shouted it out

There’s nothing wrong with me … but there is with them, they’re gay

I walked on by, thinking

You ignorant old thick

And for five hundred milli seconds I felt like gettin’ sick

In a split-second I’d witnessed this country’s ugly almost gone past

And its beautiful present that’s here to last