• Michael Noctor

I love my

Cat Stevens sings, 'I love my dog, as much as I love you.' I always skip that track. I think it's beyond stupid, and I feel sorry for the you. If he sang, 'I love my car,' well, there would be no skipping apart from the occasional beat of my heart. Here's a photo of Esperanza enjoying the peace and serenity of the Dublin mountains - only a few miles from Tallaght - on the scenic route to Bray.

Espe will not be around forever. One of the disadvantages to being an objectophile is some objects only come into your life for a limited time - just like people, sadly. For a moment that last sentence made me chuckle, but it's not funny. Ernest Hemingway has a quote about love leading to hurt - ah, can't find it, but it's about loved ones dying.

Espe and I have been together since June 17th 2009 - my birthday, and hers - and in car years that's 9 x 14 = a lot! So, that explains the horrendous noises coming from her lately. It's as if she's trying to tell me something. Yesterday, I was going to book a return flight to Málaga for my habitual January trip ... and then the screams came, so I decided not to.

We often joke, Espe and I, about who will die first. If she goes before me, a part of me will go with her.


P.S. I am not kidding.