• Michael Noctor

How Can I Tell You

Cat Stevens made a comeback and nobody told me. He's a hard act to follow - as if it's not already hard to follow yourself. He stayed away from what he loved for almost thirty years.

When I find a partner I can love as much as the person he sings to in How Can I Tell You, well ... How can I tell you? Right now, I'm thinking that way about cigarettes.

I've been lucky enough to have experienced those deep feelings in the past - too many times, perhaps - and I honestly don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Isn't variety the spice of life? Isn't it wonderful to find your soul mate, isn't it, isn't it? And here comes the first one, not just of the blog but of the day ... LOL ... and as my laughter subsides I admit I'm a cynic when it comes to romance. I know nothing stays the same, but if you're willing to play the game ...

Sweet Lord!!!!

There's so much going on but so little of it I can write about. I haven't been writing, but like me aul' mate, Cat, I'm coming around again. Right now, he singing about praising every morning.