• Michael Noctor

Hairy Doubts and Dilemmas

Last night, a pal of mine asked how I’m getting along in the apartment. I smiled. To me it was as if he had asked about my girlfriend. This morning, I was watching an Eckhart Tolle video about relating to the things in our life, the ‘so-called’ inanimate objects. The quirky little German was explaining that in a way they too have a life of their own and I be like, ah Eckhart, I beat you to it mate coz I had a love affair with a Spanish wall in 2016 – Maria Auxiliadora de Torres.

I have considered myself a minimalist for the last five years. It makes me feel good, I’m not sure why. Living in a car means space is at a premium. Let me rewrite that. Living in a car meant space was at a premium. That’s better. I told my pal that after living in my car for years that I didn’t think the novelty of having my own apartment would ever wear off. I think, if you go without simple things for long enough, they cease to be simple and will never be simple again. Things like sleeping in a warm comfortable bed. I don’t want to sound melodramatic. During my vagabundo years I slept in many different places; Meller’s, Melbourne, Málaga. A random and beautiful memory has just popped into my head. It was when John Kelly – I don’t know if John is the type to ‘rest’ in peace and I hope he’s having a ball and a laugh wherever he is, and sharing a few of his great stories with God – chatted to me about a writing collaboration on a book he wanted to call Meller’s to Memphis.

I’m thinking about another bed I lay on. It was in one of the emergency rooms in Tallaght hospital. The one where I realised I was dying, only I wasn’t, well, I was, but I didn’t.

That’s probably enough rambling for one blog. I am going to do a different type of rambling now and pop down to the Grafton St. area to look for a couple of hats. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not be growing hair on my head anymore. Every now and then I be like – let it grow – but I remind myself that it looks like grey pubic hair on my head and it mightn’t be too bad if the grey pubes covered the entire scalp, but they don’t, so I’m going to add to my growing collection of beanies.

Shave it off, or buy a new beanie?

I haven’t shaved my face since the first lockdown. I sometimes look in the mirror, thinking I should run the blade across my face and have a clean shave, but then Pep Guardiola comes to mind and I be like – I bet Pep doesn’t have these hairy doubts and dilemmas – and then I be like, ah, he probably does.

Before I sign off, I thought I'd share a photo taken at my book launch in the Dragon Inn three years ago.

I grew up in the same estate as John Kelly, so I knew him most of my life. In 2017 I was lucky enough to meet with him a few times. He shared some wonderful stories about growing up in Tallaght with me. I remember trying to take notes while my sides were splitting with laughter. I didn't have the good sense to record the meetings, although I don't think John would have wanted me to. What a great character.

Peace Out