• Michael Noctor

Esperanza Stolen

I've often forgotten where I parked Espe, but not this time. I parked her across the road from my apartment. I went to get her and take her for a bit of beauty treatment before her N.C.T. - she was so excited about it, I could sense it - and she was gone.

Where I last set my eyes on sweet Espe

I be like - it must have been the two lads who were at the bus stop. It took an eternity for me to gather my things from her last night. I emptied her completely. Those two feckers must have been thinking, yeah, give her an aul' clean coz we're takin' her on a spin.

I used to park her in Tallaght. I seldom use her these days. I don't need her as much. I've been thinking how the relationship, like all relationships, must end and probably soon, but not like this, I mean, come on, not like this.

Then I thought I might have done something wrong (illegal).

What does the big red X mean?

This is what it means -

They said they'll have her chains off at 10.30. I hope so. She has to be in the beauticians at 12.15, in Kells.