• Michael Noctor

Do i look

Do I look like I am less than three hours from the beginning of my fifty-seventh year, with the grey beard 'n' all? At the moment I'm still fifty-five, kinda. This is where I'm writing this article from:

It's so wonderful to live in such a tech world - blogging from my car - Esperanza - which is something I'll be doing more of, soon. I have a decision to make. The last four years and nine months have brought an immense level of freedom and a huge amount of contentment to my life. As I sit here writing, in a contemplative mood, on the eve of a birthday that on October 16th, 2019 I didn't think I was going to see, and having witnessed the pandemic, my sense of the temporary nature of life is soaring at a higher level than ever. Still, I have a decision to make and that line has made me smile, which is one of the reasons I write.

The decision has nothing to do with my beard. Im keeping that. I don't know if it makes me look more like Bobby, Ernest or Kenny but I do know that to grow a beard you must be alive.

I'm gonna head back to Ger's and have a nice cold German beer. For now, I wish all of you a very happy unbirthday and I wish myself a slightly early, very happy birthday. When you've nearly died, that's allowed.


Forty minutes later 😁