• Michael Noctor

Bit of a Bit of

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

It's just turned midnight, so technically I am 299 days off the cigarettes. I'm too tired to take a bow. It's not just today's sea air that has me feeling knackered, but this is a bit of a bit of craic blog; not a diary.

It's not every day I get to walk in one of my favourite places with my favourite person. Katiebells and I reminisced our way along Rush beach and the sand dunes. We tried to find a golf ball - as my da and Katie's granda used to do - but we didn't manage it.

Look at this:

Then look at the first pic again and you may come to the conclusion - it's a bit too obvious, perhaps - that Michael is a handsome bastard, again.

I'm only lettin' on in the game.

I gave Katie her early birthday card today. I found a nice wee card in the Hallmark shop with a beautiful sentiment. It felt so good, being alive to do it. It's the simple things that can matter most.

I just felt like sharing that.