• Michael Noctor

Back to Malaga

Hetti is excited about going back to Malaga, but not as much as I am. It's two years since I made the trip when I picked up the killer bug - that took me to death's door. It's been a crazy two-year period and I'm glad it's over and normality is coming around more and more.

On the trip two years ago I was making my way back to the Lights Out Hostel trying to decide between two songs, both by Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side or Perfect Day. I opted for the coloured girls and slipped into the early stage of a mind - bending, semi - comatose state.

I'm looking forward to touching down in my beloved spiritual home. I think I'll have my ashes scattered there one day, hopefully a long, long, long time from now. Now, I'm going to savour what will hopefully be a few perfect days.

Hasta luego