• Michael Noctor


The world is full of strange people, well, not full but there are plenty of weirdo types like the guy sitting beside me, well, before I moved away from him and his nervous twitch that made him rock his seat and mine every few seconds. I hope he's not sitting too close to me on board. I have a window seat. I always pay the extra few bucks for a window seat. If he's beside me doing his twitch, I will be less than pleased. Mind you, I'm heading to my spiritual home so feck him anyway.

Airports are a doddle as a non-smoker. The waiting is tedious, but at least I'm not desperately craving nicotine. I miss cigarettes. I'd rather miss them than smoke them.

I told my pal I'd meet her in Seville with present for her newly arrived grandchild. I thought it would be nice to stroll along the Guadalquivir. Then I looked at the train journey duration and cost. I'll make do with walking along the waterless river in my beloved Málaga.

Things seem normal apart from the face masks 😷. I'm travelling very, very light and had to wait for the priority queue to end, which meant having to ask the man sitting next to me to let me pass. He just said, 'Sorry about that.' He must be a nice man. I hope that's all he says. I try not to engage in conversation on a plane. I got stuck chatting to an English woman on a flight from Melbiurne in 2017 - painful.

Spotify time.


Michael .... Peace Out.