• Michael Noctor

Age Reversal

There's nothing we can do about our chronological age. However, we can affect our biological age. I used to joke about age reversal but I'm fifty-seven and it's a subject I've decided to take seriously. Enter stage right: Ben Greenfield.

The guy in the photo is not Ben, and it's not me. I can't do a pull-up. I'm working on it. My target is to do a single pull-up, but that's a peripheral target.

Here are a few tips from Ben. If you eat your final meal of the day at 9.00pm, don't eat until 9.00am the next morning. Go for a 20 - 40 minute walk before breakfast: set the pace as if you are walking Fido - no need to push yourself - and follow that with a hot cold shower (20 seconds cold, 10 hot) to boost your metabolism. Do as many 10 second push ups as you can manage (5 seconds down, 5 up). Take a 2 minute cold shower three hours before you go to bed.

There's more, much more, and I'm endeavouring to find things out without signing up for Ben's 350 Euro online course.

He talks about blue zones, which are places in the world where people live longer, much longer. Check him out if this is of interest to you. I'm glad I did. Oh yeah, he recommends avoiding alcohol. It doesn't mean you can't drink but I'm on Day 10 of my Forty Day Challenge (no alcohol)and I'm I'm that delusional state of mind where I'm wondering if I'll ever drink again. I did say delusional.