• Michael Noctor

A Sunny Sunday Morning

I'm in my car, enjoying my bacon & egg McMuffin, hash brown, large latte and looking forward to eating a Cadbury purple snack - or two, perhaps - with relish.

I'm people watching and I looked and listened as a young man got his little girl ready for a stroll in the park. I glanced nostalgically over my shoulder to cherished times past with my beautiful Katiebells.

(I wrote this a few years ago)

Daddy this and Daddy that

Move the rear view mirror so you can see her as you drive along

Couple of years later she's sat in the back singing to a Britney song

Daddy this and Daddy that

My Daddy is the King

He's my favourite man and he knows everything

A decade turns things around and before you realise

You're the man who knows fuck all and your daughter is so wise

Daddy this and Daddy that

My Daddy is a fool

I remember a time when he used to be so cool

Another decade passes and life is turned on its head

Is this the little baby girl I told night time stories in her bed

Daddy this and Daddy that

Daddy's got just one thing to say

Just thinking of my little angel makes me feel like the King

Every single day

One of the sweetest - if not THE sweetest - moments of my life was pulling through in Tallaght Hospital and realising I was still in the same world as Katie.

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I feel like expressing a daddy's love for his daughter.

It's a beautiful world, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. The words of Katie's great grandmother.

Me, last year -

Me, now -

Vain as fuck! Healthy as fuck!

For now.

Happy Sunday,