• Michael Noctor


I think the HAP is a marvelous scheme. HAP stands for housing assisted payment, but I also think a lot of people (especially prospective landlords) think it stands for homeless alcoholic pauper. Now, I’ve had four viewings and two resulted in offers that I decided not to pursue, so, there are people who know that not everyone who’s approved for hap is looking for somewhere to inject heroin or smoke crack, or snort coke, or pop pills, or indeed have a few drinks.

I was invited to view a place in Cherrywood on Tuesday. I hadn’t mentioned hap in my first contact – shame on me – but I wouldn’t drive as far as that without letting the owner know I might be a smelly homeless addict. Well, surprise, surprise, as soon as the evil hap was mentioned the apartment was let out in a flash to someone the landlord knew.

Anyone, in fact everyone who knows me will know I couldn’t give a rat’s arse. I just thought it might be interesting to blog about it.

Ideally, I would love to find a place in Tallaght, or at least not too far. The place I’m in is fine, but I’m sharing. I almost never see the guys I’m sharing with, and they almost never see me, still, I want my own place and I’m sure it will happen at some stage. There’s no panic.

I had been thinking that it’s great that the apartment is a four-minute stroll to the Square, but on Friday while walking there to buy some sausages I saw the sign for Aldi, which is literally across the road and about seventy seconds from the door of our block. I bought some sausages and black pudding and had my first ever Aldi/Tesco mixed fry. Delicious. I haven’t been back to Aldi, but that’s due to my sense of loyalty to Tesco for whom I drove a van for ten years. For whom I drove a van for, for ten years. Ha ha … that sounds much better.

I have made an incredibly enriching connection with someone who played a pivotal part in my childhood. We’ve met twice since our first incidental meeting. I’m not going to blog about it, yet. I might at some point. The part I like best about blogging – there are so, so many, believe me – is that it’s a way for me to get things off my chest, off my mind, but this is something I want to keep to myself until I know I have the moral courage to stick with it.

My ex father-in-law’s mother used to say, ‘It’s a beautiful world, and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.’ Those words have stayed with me for more than thirty years and they mean even more to me now than they did when I first heard them.

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